Junk Food and Thoughts = Junk Brain

Just like a car we need fuel, oil and water to function.  Just as you would not put diesel in a petrol car or vice versa, the type of food we consume can either help to increase our energy and improve our health or it can make us feel tired, lacking in energy and cause our health to deteriorate.  Optimal health does not depend on the stage you are at in your life or your health, it is something that can always change and be improved by changing the way we Eat, Think and Move.

In my opinion “junk food” is not food it is junk, junk food has no nutrients, it is usually made up mostly of chemicals and preservatives and it damages the body’s organs, weakens the immune system and leads to illness and disease.  Did you know that Alzheimer’s is linked to your sugar intake; sugar has such a huge detrimental effect in our body.  It creates inflammation in the body; it affects the gut, the organs and even affects our neural pathways in the brain.

Junk food = junk brain.  Poor nutrition will affect your thoughts and moods as well as your physical health.  Poor nutrition leads to high blood sugar and this causes the following imbalances in the brain:

  • you become over stimulated
  • you have difficulty concentrating
  • you may become agitated
  • you become restless

Once blood sugar spikes it then drops and we end up with low blood sugar which leads to not thinking straight, being tired and angry, lack of focus, poor or very little sleep and sugar cravings

So you need to keep your blood sugar balanced by eating vegetables, high quality protein and fats and low sugar fruit and make sure you have an adequate intake of water.  Your brain needs water; just a 2% drop can reduce concentration.

Junk Food can lead to junk thoughts and vice versa, we don’t think we are good enough, thin enough, popular enough so we don’t look after our health and our bodies and we eat “junk food” to comfort ourselves.  Our we eat junk food and this affects our brain and our energy levels which affects how we feel and now we think.  In the last 7 years that I have been working with clients I have found that almost everyone I work with has “junk thoughts” which contribute to their ill health.  These are thoughts such as:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not worthy
  • I am not deserving
  • I can’t do it / have it / change it

These are just a sample of thoughts and beliefs that are running through most people’s minds over and over again as long as they persist it is hard to change them.  Having negative thoughts causes negative emotional stress and this weakens the immune system and the immune system becomes powerless to protect us from illness.

“For this is the great error of our day that the physicians separate the soul from the body” Hippocrates

Your health, energy and mood at a very basic level are as good as your last meal and your daily thoughts.

When I was at my most ill, I was laying on my sofa by 3pm every day in agony, I was not sleeping at night and my social life ceased to exist as I never knew when I would feel sick.  I had clothes in 3 different sizes from an 8 to a 12 as depending on how bloated my tummy was depended on what size clothes I had to wear.  Once I realised that my diet was playing a major role in my health or lack of it, I changed my diet, my lifestyle and the exercise I was doing and I got significantly better.  About 80% of my symptoms disappeared but there just seemed to be something missing, something that I could not quite put my finger on.  It took me a few years but I finally identified that it was my thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back.  I had believed that the three different illnesses I had were “incurable” that I would always suffer from them, but once I realised that I could change my thoughts and beliefs about what is and isn’t possible this was the final piece of the puzzle and I finally healed completely. It is because of this that I now do what I do, to help others solve their health issues in as short as time as possible, not spend years and years being ill, being sick and tired of being sick and tired as I did.

If junk food and negative thoughts have a hold on you and you would like to break free, I would love to hear from you to help you kick these habits that are not serving you and help you form habits that will serve you today and for the rest of your life.  You can either get help through my book If you Believe you Can Heal Yourself You Can“, or try our 5 Day Introductory online programme “Change your Mind, Change Your Life” to address your “junk thoughts”, click here to register and we look forward to connecting with you.




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