The New Life Experiment

The New Life Experiment is training ourselves to self-monitor everything we say or do and how we respond to others.  We don’t realize how much negativity we ourselves create in our lives or how to stop it.

We as co-creators of our lives have the power to control the negativity we put out into the world.  If you catch yourself thinking a negative thought or speaking a negative word you can cancel it.  You can choose to shift to a different reality by manifesting positive energy into your life.

Negativity consumes an incredible amount of energy.  By altering your thought patterns by choosing a positive thought and not voicing a negative word you are co-creating a more positive existence for yourself and those you encounter in life.

If we practiced this list on a daily basis your world would be a better place.

No complaining.

No whining.

No being overly critical.

No being overly judgmental.

No poking fun at others.

No being cynical or facetious (pessimistic or flippant)

No creating reasons to be sorry or to say you’re sorry out of habit.

No creating reasons to be stressed.

No creating reasons to be unhappy.

No affirming negative thoughts such as ‘I’m overweight.’

No affirming negative feelings such as ‘I’m depressed.’

No making reasons to be angry.

No making or seeking out reasons to overcome others, fight, struggle or enter into combat (more than necessary).

No making reasons to be anxious.

No making reasons to be overwhelmed.

No making reasons to worry.

No making reasons for self-doubt.

No creating situations of lack or scarcity with statements such as ‘I don’t have enough energy.’ Instead make the claim ‘I have plenty.’

No creating chaos or drama for entertainment, excitement, adventure, or thrills, or to avoid peace.

No ‘wrong’ or ‘right’, ‘better’ or ‘worse’, ‘should’, ‘hope’ or ‘try’.  (Avoid duality)

( Excerpt from Theta Healing, Introducing an Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality  book by Vianna Stibal)

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